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Faith Christian Fellowship provides a one-on-one coaching experience that is truly empowering. Coaching involves a process which is Christ-centered and biblically-based that helps you mine the wisdom of the Holy Spirit so you can realize personal growth, ministry development, potential attained, and goals achieved. Our approach to coaching is in alignment with the International Coach Federation, a global organization dedicated to coaching which, among other things, sets a high standard for coaching. FCF adopts a non-directive approach to coaching; this means that the client is not told or directed what to do. Rather, the coach partners with the client so he/she can experience success in the area the client wants to explore.

Training and approach matter!  That's why all FCF coaches have been trained in the International Coaching Federation way. We take the quality of your care very seriously, that's why  each coach has been through a lengthy training process as well as required continuous education each year.  Additionally, we are committed to strict ethical guidelines, professionalism, integrity and competency.

International Coaching

How does coaching work?

A trained coach will partner with you through 45-minute phone calls throughout the month. During the calls, you will direct the agenda and your coach will ask thought-provoking questions designed to help you hear from the Lord and move forward with your goals. Your coach will assist you in formulating appropriate action steps that provide tangible ways to make progress. The sessions are renewable month by month, so the coaching relationship continues as long as you desire.

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Did you know that being a member of FCF provides you with 6 weeks of in-depth group coaching?

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Take advantage of the opportunity for you and your staff to grow together with one of our trained coaches today.

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Invest in YOU.  As John Maxwell says, “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development.”

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