September 9, 2021

Some people think that because they pay their tithes, God stands around waiting to rebuke the devil on their behalf.  But that’s an inaccurate portrayal.

 There is a difference between the tithe and tithing.  The tithe is 10 percent you put into the ministry. Tithing is the confession you make with your mouth about that tithe.  It is what you say about that 10 percent.  According to Romans 10:10, we believe in our hearts and then we speak with our mouths what we believe.  Many people have given their tithe, but they haven’t done any tithing.

 In the book of Leviticus, it teaches us when God’s people began to worship with their tithes, they would come before the high priest of the day.  We also saw this from the Scripture mentioned previously in Deuteronomy 26.  Our High Priest today is Jesus.  As you present your tithe, you should make your confession about your gift, stating what it will do on your behalf.  You’ve got to give Jesus something to work with.

 People who don’t believe in tithing, confessing God’s Word over their tithes, are just giving to the tithe because isn’t required at their church.  That kind of giving wont work because it is not done in faith. According to Mark 11:23, you can have what you say!

 The Christian that confesses the Word of God over their tithes and offerings experiences results.  Since their declaration is based upon Scripture, and the Bible says God will watch over His Word to perform it.  God will bring it to pass what has been spoken.  The Word of God confessed in faith produces great results.  

From now on when you tithe say this, “Lord Jesus, take this and worship the Father with it. He’s the Most Hight God, the Possessor of heaven and Earth, the Deliverer from all my enemies.  I’m the head and not the tail.  I’m above and not beneath.  There will be no lack or want in my life. So I praise you for meeting my every need.  I thank you that the windows of heaven are opened to me and the devourer is rebuked in my behalf.  I walk in Your blessings, Lord, for surely they have over taken me. Amen.”


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written by

Buddy Harrison

Buddy Harrison.