October 31, 2022

The responsibility we have collectively in the Body of Christ was never meant to be carried by one person.  Jesus purchased our redemption alone, but our ministry is to be orchestrated with Him and others.  Each of us is to do his or her part in the Body where he or she has been placed by the Father.  This is why God has given us each other and placed us in strategic locations that please Him.  

There are those who lead and those who follow.  Order is the central theme.  There are those who delegate and those who receive the delegation.  We may understand the principle, but the “how to” of delegation is important. Consider the following pointers:

1.  Build confidence by explaining why you chose the person to whom you’re       delegating the job.

2.  Explain, in detail, why the job is so important.

3.  Probe for a positive reaction to reaffirm you’ve selected the right person.

4.  Establish a plan that includes controls, follow-ups and assurance of your       availability for counsel.

5.  Maintain a helpful stance as you monitor the person’s handling of the       delegated duties and new responsibilities.

Never forget that the purpose of delegation is to build the Body of Christ.  This is done by getting individuals saved and then by discipling them in an efficient, effective manner.  All authority comes from God.  This fact can never be dismissed, whether we delegate or receive delegation.

Unity is essential for the lines of authority to flow.  Our goal should be this: that the Body of Christ function in a fluid-like motion, accomplishing the will of the Father.  Whether you do the delegating or receive it, keep a good attitude that glorifies the Father and produces results.

In FCF, we operate by delegated authority.  Our organization belongs to God Who delegated the responsibility and authority for completing the vision to Pat Harrison.  She in turn has delegated  responsibilities our CEO Cookie Brothers .   We are flowing better than ever.  The vision continues to expand.  See your part in this team of delegated ones.  There is a place for you

written by

Lonnie Hilton FCF Staff Pastor