April 29, 2021

Most believers want to know God’s will for their lives. Before I explain what the will of God is for you, allow me to explain why many believers never discover God’s will for them.

 When people think of God’s will for them, they assume it is all about finding the right vocation, assignment, or special purpose He has just for them to accomplish. This thinking leads to a lot of confusion and uncertainty in their lives.

 To discover the answer to the question how do we discover God’s will for our lives, we need to look at how Jesus answered this question for His disciples. They asked Him how they could do the works of God (John 6:28-29). They knew that God’s will for them was to do His work on the earth. Their question reveals clearly how they thought and in what they believed. It is easy to see from their question they believed they had “to do” something to qualify to do God’s works. Likewise, the vast majority of people today believe exactly as the disciples did. The belief we must self-qualify to be used by God is very common.

 What is fascinating about this story is the answer Jesus gives His disciples. Their desire was to do the works of God. I believe Jesus’ answer stunned them.

“Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent’” (John 6:29).

 I can imagine the disciples looking at each other in shock and bewilderment saying to each other, “Did you hear what I did?”

 The will or works of God are simply based on what we believe, not on what “we do.” Many people today never access the will of God for themselves because they are looking “to do” something and not believe the truth.

 Who we believe in is what gives us access to God’s will. Much of the church world sees being in God’s will as just an act of obedience. When my wife and I were missionaries in Africa, much of the church world saw that as being in the will of God. The truth is the will of God is in what you believe. What we do is a reflection of what we believe. Going to Africa didn’t get me into God’s will, believing in Jesus did. My faith in Jesus led me to Africa, but I didn’t go to Africa because I wanted to be in God’s will. I went to Africa because I was already in God’s will.

 This is what Jesus was teaching His disciples―it isn’t what you do that gets you into God’s will; it is what you believe that does. As long as people think God’s will is something they must qualify for, they will miss out on enjoying the will of God by not believing in the One who is the will of God for them.

 The religious critics will say, so are you saying that to be in the will of God I don’t need to do anything at all, just believe in Jesus? Correct! Here’s the crazy thing about believing in Jesus, He pours out His love so powerfully in your heart and life that everything you do is a response to His love for you. I didn’t go to Africa as a missionary to get God to love me. I went because He did love me, and I wanted others to know the same love I did.

 This is the major difference between religion and relationship. Religion believes God loves people based on what they do. However, a relationship with God is based on faith in His love for us. The will of God for us is based on who we believe in.

 Getting into the will of God is as easy as changing what you believe. Believe in Jesus and you are there! Everything you do is a response to the love God has for you.


written by

Ed Elliott

Ed Elliott