January 17, 2022

When my boys were younger, we prayed before school every day.

 As I prayed, I always told them that they had such an unfair advantage over the world – they had (and still have) the Greater One living in them! (1 John 4:4)

 Isn't that the truth?! With the Spirit of the living God inside us, we don't have to face daily challenges on our own -- we have His supernatural help!

 One time a mom told me she had been fretting and anxious over her children (even though they were saved), so she began reading the "Parenting With a Purpose" devotional every day....

 One day as she was reading and confessing about the Holy Spirit in their lives, she suddenly realized that rather than worrying about them making wrong decisions, she could trust the Spirit in them.

 What a wonderful revelation! And we can all do that. Our faith isn't necessarily in our children's ability to get everything or do everything right -- our faith is in God, and His Spirit within them.

 Your children are not out there all alone in the world. Think about all that the Holy Spirit makes available to them:

• He’s helping them – with everything they do today! Ephesians 3:16 says He’s strengthening them by His spirit.

• He’s helping them to remember things they may need to know (especially with school work and tests – John 14:26).

• He’s guiding them and helping them make right decisions (trust Him to do it! – John 16:13).

• He’s protecting them (John 17:11).

• He’s empowering them with supernatural power (Acts 1:8).

 Today, no plan or force of the enemy can harm your child. Be a faith parent and believe it!

 John 14:17 says that as Christians “we know Him, for He dwells with us and will be in us.” Thank God. The Holy Spirit is causing your children to overcome in every situation of life today -- believe it!

written by

Karen Salisbury

Karen Salisbury