December 9, 2022

Many of us will soon be opening our Christmas presents and some of us will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful gifts that are given to us.  As pleasing as it is to receive gifts, I’m sure we’ve all experienced the delight of giving gifts and watching our loved ones as they open their Christmas presents with expectation and joy.  It especially warms our hearts to see the eyes of little children light up with excitement as they open their presents.  Yet with all the gift-giving at Christmas time, when God gave us Jesus, He gave us the greatest Gift of all.

Today, many focus their attention at Christmas on the giving and receiving of gifts.  But the real gifts of Christmas are not those we purchase with our money.  They are the gifts given to us by God Himself through Jesus Christ.  These are the true gifts of Christmas that God wants us to give each other and the world.

We are thankful for your heart and the way in which you have given yourself to God and FCF.  Truly we need each other in order to fulfill the purpose God has intended.  You are a treasured gift – uniquely wrapped, finely designed with grace gifts from God our Father that make you distinctively you.  Never lose sight of what God has deposited in you. Nourish, cultivate, protect and build that which makes you uniquely you.  It is a gift from the Father that He has intended would flow through you to bless others.  

The prayer God has formed in our hearts and which flows out our mouths is, “Lord, make me a blessing.”  That’s the way we can experience the blessing of Christmas all the year long, by continually giving Jesus to those in need.

From all of us at FCF Int’l, have a very Merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year!

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