August 7, 2021

I have developed a system at the direction of the Lord and have taught for over 23 years about changing the way leaders lead; to help them see the need for change, the way to maximize productivity, maximize quality of life and escape or change the bondage of dysfunction.  

My friend, the late Art Cullman, who was an Ohio State University marketing professor would say, “Organize your life so change would become habit.”

Many great athletes who are already eminently successful often change their stroke, their shot and their approach to the game. Why? “To get better,” they would say.  Not a week goes by without them looking at how they play and decide to change something about it.  It makes news!  There all kinds of platforms dedicated to the progress of these athletes.  Often what will make an athlete stop progressing is an unwillingness to change.  Once someone is unwilling to change their career is over.  

Growth without change is impossible.  

Significant growth without significant change is impossible.

All expanding entities reach critical transition points in their growth whereby fundamental changes are required by everyone to successfully move from one level to the next.  Read that again.  Change is required by everyone on the team to successfully move.  Some make the necessary changes.  Others struggle with the same issues over and over again.  

The real work of leaders is to create the conditions that enable everyone to adapt to change and participate in solving problems growing organizations face; creating a change culture.  

God is a creator, an innovator, a builder, an expander and enlarger all of which require change. According to Genesis 1:27 we have been made in his image.  If we were made in his image then we have his character of change.  It is up to us to engage that.  There is a level of guts and bravery that comes along with a character of change.    

Just like the athletes I mentioned before, the fastest way people change is when they are faced with reality, real problems, errors, hurts and dropped balls. In those moments we get to make a choice.  Turn the issue into a growth opportunity or ignore it and plateau which means no growth.  When a large crowd gathered around Jesus and stayed with no food, Jesus took the problem (no food) and turned it into a growth opportunity (fish and bread miracle).  What if Jesus just saw no food and said send everyone home?  We see Jesus many times in the bible face the facts and turn them into growth opportunities for those around him.

Are you willing to fight for the growth?  Are you surrounded by other leaders that are willing to fight for growth?  Have you created an environment that sparks healthy and creative change?  

If you aren’t there yet, here’s where you start.  Listen to honesty.  Listen to the problem and instead of you fixing it open the discussion up with your leaders.  Let them see the problem and get creative to fix it.  Then do it again and again and again.

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written by

Dr. Dean Radtke

Dr. Dean Radtke