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April 2016

Dear Partners,

What a privilege it is to represent the family of FCF and share the Word of God to our global family! Bob and I have just returned from our time in Asia. Around the world in 57days, we took 26 different flights; traveled thousands of miles; visited 6 countries; conducted 7 Leadership Summits; ministered to more than 250 church pastors, leaders, and students; and spent 100 hours in the pulpit. God is Faithful! He gave us much fruit from Asia on this trip, and we trust the Word and ministry that took place will insure lasting fruit. We are privileged to represent the family of FCF.

There are many highlights from the trip. The ones that stand out are the opportunities to lay hands on Bible school graduates, sending them out to their God-ordained assignments, and praying for the pastors who returned to their flocks inspired and encouraged. We have been blessed to experience the zeal and vision of Asians to reach their own people and beyond. Many open doors to plant new churches in least-reached regions have emerged. We are looking forward to partnering with these pioneers in the near future.

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