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  • 7 Steps To A Quality Decision

Decisions — every day you make hundreds of decisions. Some are simple, like “What do I wear today?”or “What shall I eat for breakfast?” Others are more complex, such as “What college to attend? What job to take? How many children should I have and how shall I raise them? What do I do now that I am retired?”

Your course in life depends on the decisions you make. God has given you the gift of choice, and His Word gives you the pattern for making quality decisions—the kind that sets you on the right course.
In this book, Buddy Harrison outlines God’s pattern for making quality decisions. Whether your decisions are “natural” or “spiritual,” implementing these steps will help you to achieve the desires, goals, and dreams that God has for your life. By studying and applying these principles, you will learn:

• How to establish proper priorities
• How to correctly weigh your choices
• How to act on your decisions
• How to pass through to victory
• And much more

Learn these seven steps to a quality decision and start walking in God’s perfect will for you today!

7 Steps To A Quality Decision

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