Global Strategy

Gail Buse, International Ambassador

Deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise known as DNA, has revolutionized our world, leaving its mark from the science laboratory to the courtroom. Every living organism has DNA. It’s what makes each human being unique from the more than 6 billion other people on the planet.

Just one DNA molecule contains enough information about an individual’s identity to make an exact copy. DNA informs us about who we are, what we have inherited from our ancestors, and what we will pass on to our descendants.

Because FCF International is part of the Body of Christ, a living organism, we have a DNA—START, SEND, and SUSTAIN. Our DNA sets the course of our global strategy for obeying the Great Commission and determines the distribution of our resources—people, time, talents, and finances.

FCF was conceived from a word that God spoke more than thirty years ago. “Go back to Tulsa. Start a family church and a charismatic teaching center. Reach the world.” God’s word, combined with the unique gifts of the people who obeyed it, determined our corporate DNA. Our history and our future as an organization are intrinsically linked to our DNA.


FCF began in simple obedience to the Lord’s first instruction: START a family church. From day one, FCF members have been innovators and initiators. We have gone around the world starting churches, Bible schools, orphanages, educational institutions, and so on. STARTing new things in the Kingdom of God is our destiny. Helping others make a START in ministry is our calling.


The first FCF church was marked by a missional zeal. SENDing was celebrated as people were sent to the world. The very first FCF missionaries were sent to Jamaica. Today FCF of Jamaica sends ministers to other nations. We sent a couple to Kenya who started a church, Bible school for ministers, and an orphanage/educational institution. Now FCF of Kenya has sent a minister to plant a church and start FCF in Rwanda. We began as SENDers. We remain SENDers.

We send church planters to birth new churches around the world. For example, in the past three years, FCF of the Philippines has planted four new churches: one among the civilized Manobo Tribe in the remote riverside Maharlika Village; one in the municipality of Talacogon; one within the municipality of Molave; and the fourth one in Barangay Laray, Talisay City, which began as a result of their children’s feeding outreach program.

FCF recognizes that our most valuable resource is the people we send who serve and equip others for ministry at our Leadership Summits. These gatherings of ministers and church leaders provide much needed encouragement, education, inspiration, and fellowship. Covenant relationships are strengthened, and vision and purpose are imparted.

As part of our SENDing campaign, we also provide opportunities for short-term mission’s teams to go and experience another culture, creating cross-cultural blessings.

SEND remains a vital ingredient of our family culture. It’s part of our DNA.


The many that were launched from our first FCF church needed the relational support that is necessary for ministers. FCF responded by accepting responsibility to SUSTAIN those whom we sent. Helping others to fulfill their ministry call became the hallmark of our family.

Because FCF is a family within the family of God, we take care of our family members, especially our Appointed Missionaries. We partner with them spiritually and financially. We pray for them. We raise and receive finances for them, and we enable the family of FCF to connect with our missionaries through our partner letters, website, and short-term mission’s teams.

We sustain our worldwide family through relationships with our Global Representatives, and our Leadership Summits provide inspiration, information, fellowship, and training. Resources that are both practical and spiritual are offered to assist in building the Kingdom of God.

With your prayers and financial support, you can START people in ministry, SEND people to minister to ministers, and SUSTAIN people in ministry.

Start people

Internship opportunities; new church plants; Bible schools
Your participation helps us to complete the development and delivery of the online Bible school, provides opportunities and scholarships for ministry internships, and sponsors new church plants.

Send people

Ministry gifts to equip those who are called to ministry; short-term mission teams; church planters
Your financial gifts help us to send ministers to equip those preparing for ministry and those already in ministry at Bible schools, churches and Leadership Summits. You help to send church planters to birth new churches. You also help us coordinate and send short-term teams for cross-cultural ministry.

Sustain people

Leadership Summits; relationships; resources
Your partnership allows us to sponsor Leadership Summits for national workers, produce new ministry resources for churches and ministers, and nurture the covenant relationships within the FCF family.

The annual Mission Campaign is an opportunity for you to participate directly in the FCF vision. Whether you contribute financially or share your gift by serving the FCF family around the world, we want you to be involved in our future. Reaching the world for Jesus Christ is our future. Our Mission’s Campaign is taking us there.

Every financial partner with us in the Mission’s Campaign receives a monthly report on how their prayers and finances are working. You have the option of giving to the General Mission Account or designating towards a specific mission project (i.e., online Bible school, new church plant, Leadership Summit). In addition, FCF has many quality ministers and ministries in the nations of the world. You can be involved with any one of them. Let us help you to connect with your mission assignment.

More than 2000 years ago, Jesus said that the fields were ready to be harvested. The only thing needed were more workers in the fields. That hasn’t changed. Opportunities abound for sharing the Good News and bringing people into the Kingdom of God. FCF is here to help you fulfil your part in reaping the harvest.

Contact me, Gail Buse, International Ambassador, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Claudia Gonzalez, International Assistant, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are here to help you fulfil the Great Commission.