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What is a UPG?



Greetings FCF Family,

One of the challenges in connecting globally is the gap of distance and culture. We identify with the culture that is the most familiar to us. As believers, we are called to a higher culture: the culture of God's Kingdom. Kingdom culture supersedes our nationalistic thinking and identity. We are called to identify with Christ. We are called out from the world and sent back into our world. This month I included an article in the partner letter to remind us that we are called to live an incarnational life.

The Great Commission is this: Called out from the world, separated unto God, and then SENT back into the world! God calls us to invade everyman's world. Where we cannot personally go, we partner with those who work and live where the Gospel is scarce and God's Word unknown.

We partner with an FCF minister who is reaching the Buddhists at the border of Nepal and Tibet. During the Christmas season, he and his team presented the Gospel to more than 350 Tibetan Buddhists. Ten percent were Buddhist monks and nuns. Our FCF minister shared, "After this program, two Tibetan Buddhist monks and three Tibetan Buddhist people accepted the Lord Jesus, and on 1 January they were all baptized in water (new year and new life)." The new church plant which our FCF minister has started is one of our 2017 church plant projects. FCF has committed to $200 per month for one year to assist this new plant. Consider making a faith promise and supporting this church plant that is reaching Tibetan Buddhists, or send a one-time gift designated for church planting. Six of our seven Church Plant Projects are with Unreached People Groups (UPGs).

Here is how you can get involved.

Give online

In the comment box, designate "Global Church Plants."

Isn't great to know that together we truly are impacting our world and living as "Sent Ones"!


Gail J. Buse
International Ambassador